What's BOB About?

Building Outside the Blocks

With blocks of time, subjects and units,  teaching can feel like a profession of compartments. These blocks can organize time, but they can also feel confining. When you build outside of them, so much is possible. That is the goal of Building Outside the Blocks: to use the curriculum and other unchanging aspects of school as a creative catalyst for building invitations to learning that impact individuals, the class, and the school community. 

About Noa

Noa Daniel

Noa Daniel, MEd, is a teacher, consultant, coach and Chief Building Officer at BOB. She is also a  workshop facilitator, blogger, podcaster, and whole lot of other things to a lot of people, big and small.  

Noa was trained in the Middle Years Program (MYP) of the International Baccalaureate (IB) in the areas of Language and Literature as well as Individuals and Societies. This has evolved her practice to become an inquiry-based, constructivist approach to teaching and learning. 

Over her 20+ years in education, Noa has created learning experiences in and outside of the classroom. She has developed many engaging projects, helped to build a positive and inclusive climate, and promoted a leadership culture for her schools and others.  

Noa is a divergent thinker and creative person. She has always been building outside the blocks.

Noa has presented to colleagues, at conferences, and to faculty at a variety of schools. She has mentored new and pre-service teachers, and she enjoys providing support and encouragement to seasoned educators to help them feel great about their work. Noa loves to infuse others with her joyful approach to teaching and learning.

For Noa, teaching is both her vocation and passion. One of the greatest recurring compliments she has been given is, “I want to be in your class.”    

Start With Why and Then Ask Who

BOB is about building learning experiences that are both differentiated and personalizing.  Using the Building Outside the Blocks approach helps to teach a variety of content and learning skills while contributing to a supportive and collaborative class community. BOB is a way to help individuals and schools promote student voice, build capacity and propel engagement. More than anything, BOB helps students see and be themselves at school.

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