About Noa Daniel


Noa Daniel MEd, is a teacher, consultant, coach and Chief Building Officer at BOB. Noa is also a podcaster and a blogger. She hosts The Personal Playlist Podcast (#P3) and the weekly live OnEdMentors show on VoicEd Radio She blogs about her work in and outside of school and writes a weekly post on each of her guest's appearances on the P3. Noa is also the cofounder of OnEdMentors Connect (OEMConnect) with Leigh Cassell of Digital Human Library (dHL). OEMConnect  is a community that supports 1:1 self-directed mentorship experiences as professional learning to strengthen teacher efficacy and impact student achievement Leigh Cassell of  Digital Human Library (dHL)

Noa has recently joined the board of Learning Forward Ontario, and she is excited to contribute to this organization which aims to support the learning needs of our province's change leaders. 

Over her 20+ years in education, Noa has created learning experiences in and outside of the classroom. She develops engaging projects, workshops and initiatives for classrooms, schools, and organizations. She helps to build  positive and inclusive climates and promote a leadership culture for schools and beyond.   Noa is a divergent thinker and creative person. She has always been building outside the blocks.

Noa loves to infuse others with her joyful approach to teaching and learning. For Noa, teaching is both her vocation and passion. One of the greatest recurring compliments she has been given is, “I want to be in your class.”    


Creating the Frame to Build Outside the Blocks

When Noa creates a project or initiative, she develops a strong and inviting frame open to opportunity and personalization. The learner completes the structure making it their own. As such, her work is  personalizing as opposed to personalized. Learners can bring to it who and what they are in myriad ways and with a variety of tools. While those geared to students all help build skills inside the curriculum,  all of her work aims to build skill autonomy, community and connection.


Start With Why and Then Ask Who

BOB is about building learning experiences that are both differentiated and personalizing.  Using the Building Outside the Blocks approach helps to teach a variety of content and learning skills while contributing to a supportive and collaborative class community. BOB is a way to help individuals and schools promote student voice, build capacity and propel engagement. More than anything, using a BOB Approach helps students see and be themselves at school.