Workshops and Weekly Fun

Noa presents on her  Building Outside the Blocks approach and projects at a variety of conferences. She is also a regular panelists and back-up host of the weekly ONedMentors show heard on Thursday nights on and available on demand.


ONedMentors is a weekly radio show where Noa is part of an amazing panel of educators who share their perspectives and insights with each other with the goal of informing and inspiring preservice and new teachers. She even gets to host sometimes.


Noa presented at EdTech Camp and EdTech Camp on Air to illustrate how Building Outside the Blocks projects invite edtech.

Global Education Conference

Noa recently presented on how three of her Tri-BOBs work in tandem to build global connection.

Make a Difference (MAD PD)

Noa introduced A Bit of BOB at M.A.D. P.D. in May, 2017. She is looking forward to presenting  The Musical Side of BOB in May, 2018.

Innovative Schools Summit 2018

Noa will be presenting at the Innovative Schools Summit 2018 in Atlanta in June.


Canadian Teacher Magazine

Differentiation in Jewish Education

Write On Fight On

Let's see where else we can build and share

Presenting at the Global Education Conference

More Than Current Events: A Globally Connected Triad of Tri-BOBs