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Listen to The Personal Playlist Podcast on VoicEd

The Personal Playlist Podcast, also referred to as the P3, is an invitation to educators to discuss three song choices. Guests share a song from their past (nostalgic), one that gives a sense of who they are (identity), and one that motivates them (pick-me-up). 

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Listen to Noa on Beyond the Staffroom

This podcast is a collection of fun conversations unpacking the philosophy of education with Derek Rhodenizer's Beyond the Staffroom

Check out more of Derek's amazing podcast topics and guests.

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Noa is part of the ONedchat team who run biweekly Twitter chats for educators near and far.


ONedMentors is a weekly radio show where Noa is part of an amazing panel of educators who share their perspectives and insights with each other with the goal of informing and inspiring preservice and new teachers.

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