Educational Support Services



Noa builds projects, initiatives, workshops and much more for students,  teachers, schools, and other  organizations. She can help you to go from creed to deed. 



Coaching and mentoring allows teachers to build a safe place to discuss their own learning needs, to take risks and feel heard.  Having someone who is removed from an evaluative role to mentor and support teachers can help create the optimal conditions to foster on-going professional growth. 

There is a direct correlation between teacher development and student learning outcomes. Noa is available to address questions,  work through ideas, plan lessons, units and projects, or just explore aspects of education, free of judgement, to help build capacity.

Coaching can be provided face-to-face or remotely. 



Whether you or your staff want to learn about BOB, build a BOB, or create something for the school community, there is a Building Outside the Blocks workshop that can be tailored to meet your needs.