INSPIRE Workshops

Introducing Building Outside the Blocks

Duration:   1- 2 hours 

Description:  This is an overview of the Building Outside the Blocks approach with examples of how  personalizing  One-Off-BOBs and Tri-BOB help students build skill, autonomy and community in minimal class time.  This is a high energy and interactive experience for Junior and Intermediate teachers of all subjects.

A Bite of BOB: Lunch and Learn

Duration:   Single or multiple 20 minute talks

Description: Teachers have limited learning time during the day. This virtual mini-workshop provides a snapshot of the BOB approach or introduces specific BOB projects one at a time. 


TOOL Workshops

This workshop provides a Building Outside the Blocks toolkit to help teachers  tweak or create a BOB project to meet their teaching needs. With a specific subject area or focus in mind, participants will look deeply at specific project ideas and backwards design them  from explicit instruction to student ownership.  


FUEL Workshops

These workshops aim to reach beyond the classroom and into the school community at large. 

Building a Leadership Culture

Explore different ways to foster student voice and choice outside the classroom.

Think P.I.N.K.(Positive, Inclusive, Nurturing and Kind) 

Explore ways to engage students in building a culture of kindness through explicit instruction and an initiative for all stake-holders.


This will provide ways to help students see how they portray themselves on social media, develop digital citizenship and understand the permanence of a digital tattoo


We can design something to meet the needs of your community

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