Building Outside the Blocks

Duration:   1 hr, 1/2 day or whole day 

Description:  This is an overview of the Building Outside the Blocks approach with examples of how  personalizing  One-Off-BOBs and Tri-BOB help students build skill, autonomy and community in minimal class time.  This can include time for teachers to select a BOB and tailor it to meet their teaching needs. All BOBs are universally designed, easily accommodating and modifiable.


A Bite of BOB

Duration:   Single or multiple 20 minute talks  

Description: Teachers have limited learning time during the day. This virtual mini-workshop provides a snapshot of the BOB approach or introduces specific BOB projects one at a time. 


Tool and Fuel Workshops

Building a Leadership Culture

Explore different ways to foster student voice and choice outside the classroom by creating a space and place for students to develop and share their voices.

Think P.I.N.K.(Positive, Inclusive, Nurturing and Kind) 

Explore ways to engage students in building a culture of kindness through explicit instruction and an initiative for all stake-holders.


This will provide ways to help students see how they portray themselves on social media, develop digital citizenship and understand the permanence of a digital tattoo