What about bob & its creator?

Stephen Hurley


​[Noa's]  grand vision for what education could be motivates the rest of us to look beyond our current reality and context when it might be tempting (and comfortable) to rest where we are. Her stubborn commitment to students reminds us why we are here, doing what we are doing. And, to borrow from Van Morrison, her unique combination of wit and purpose lifts us up, turns us around and always place us down on higher ground. 

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Consultant, Teacher Educator, Writer, Facilitator, and Founder/Producer of VoicEd Radio

Derek Rhodenizer


Noa brought an impressive amount of knowledge and energy to my staff training. Her ability to tailor her support to individual staff needs was very useful.

Director of Academics, Westboro Academy 

Carol Salva


The What's in a Name BOB was offered to my students with other research topic options. I know the power of student choice, but I was struggling to find more topics that would be meaningful to recent immigrants, some with minimal education...I was grateful that Noa suggested W.I.N. and something unrelated to their migration journey. I was blown away by how many students chose this BOB even though it would've been less work to do another topic. I think my student Uri said it the best, "I care about my life. When you ask us to report on that, we will do it with a smile on our face." I'm so happy that he learned enough English to express himself this way. Many of my students did this year. The idea of BOBs  helped tremendously with that!​

ELL Consultant and Author of Boosting Achievement

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Dawn McMaster

It did not take long after my arrival at the school to recognize how special a Middle School educator Noa is. She is a flexible and highly creative teacher who innovates based on her continuous learning about education, best practice and the world around her. Noa is purposeful in her development of curricula, and she understands the big picture of education in the 21st century. She is willing to take risks and think outside of the box. As a result, her classroom is a buzzing place with students working in groups on significant problems that matter to them.

Former MYP Coordinator and Present MYP and DP Coordinator and Director of Curriculum at 

The York School

Ricki Wortzman

Noa is a learner who brings enthusiasm and open mindedness to everything that she does. She is a caring and committed educator and a person who is deeply dedicated to the art and science of teaching.

Faculty Coach and Mentor

Jen Grossman

You help students think outside the box, create deeper meaning and understanding of what they are learning and what I love the most is that you really get to know each student as an individual. You truly want to know how they tick, what motivates them and when you can push them a bit further. As a result, you get the best out of them. 


Vida Gross

I have been using What's News with my Grade 6 Social Studies (MYP 1 Individuals and Societies) class and What's Up with my Grade 7 History/Geography (MYP2 Individuals and Societies) class. These are interactive projects that engage students in current events.  Students have an opportunity to work on several Approaches to Learning Skills such as communication, thinking and self-management.  By critically reflecting on how these events link to our units of inquiry, students make real world connections. These activities engage the presenter and the entire class community in learning within and beyond the curriculum. These are amazing projects to help students self-direct, and they scaffold learning over the entire school year.

Teacher- Individuals and Societies MYP 1 and 2 (Grade 6 and 7) 

Doreen Levine

I think this is fabulous.  I can just feel the energy the working on BOBs will generate in the classroom. It is such an excellent opportunity for teachers to get to know their students and for students to learn about eachother in ways they would never do on their own.  You made this point so well with the example of the student who was so quiet.

Interesting that it was the interpersonal and social gains that jumped out for me.  This has always been my focus. 

 Notwithstanding these outcomes, the academic learning outcomes are well addressed too.

Please don't tell the kids about how much they are learning, you will spoil all their fun!!

Former Principal

Christine Chin

Your projects are amazing! I have done the W.I.N., Friday Photo and Precious Cargo. We ended up having a Precious Cargo Fair. Kids in Grade 3 came to visit all of the projects and artifacts. Parents and students loved the project. It was fantastic!

French Immersion Teacher, YRDSB